Permanent Cosmetics: Less Time, Less Hassle

Let’s say you spend at least 5 minutes a day, seven days a week, applying and later removing eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. Have you tallied up how much time those makeup basics take over the course of the year?

Would you believe 30 hours? Even with a few days off for at-home sweatpants and Netflix marathons you likely spend the equivalent of a full day – at least – applying eyeliner and eyebrow filler every year.

Convenience of permanent makeup attracts busy women

Saving time and hassle are among the top reasons women choose permanent cosmetics. Permanent makeup shortens beauty routines in the morning and at the end of a long day, and permanent eye makeup is especially convenient for those late nights and rainy days.

Sweat up a storm at the gym and still look great. No running, no dripping, no smudging.

The convenience is hard to beat. At The Natural Look, our aestheticians work with clients to customize permanent eyeliner (top and bottom); permanent eyebrows; permanent lip liner; and permanent lip color.

The process is called micro pigmentation, or intradermal pigmentation, and involves applying pigment under the skin. A semi-permanent dye is also available for eyebrows as well as eyelashes.

Permanent cosmetics aid women with physical limitations

Convenience is not the only reason women choose permanent cosmetics. Some are allergic to makeup. Others have physical limitations or medical conditions that interfere with their ability to apply makeup – or even affect eyelashes and eyebrows. Some examples:

  • Arthritis in hands and joints can make application painful.
  • Poor eyesight, including cataracts, can complicate makeup application.
  • Alopecia (a form of hair loss) can result in loss of eyebrows.
  • Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other conditions that cause tremors can frustrate women who want to wear eye makeup.

Permanent cosmetics relieve stress for older women who want to look their best but struggle with mascara wands and thin brow pencils. Active women of all ages – swimmers, runners, hikers, campers, and mothers – appreciate the time freed up by permanent cosmetics.

What could you do with an extra 30 hours?