How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

Microdermabrasion is a gentle exfoliation of the skin that encourages more collagen stimulation and more rapid skin turnover.

All exfoliation techniques share this goal, though the mechanism by which they achieve it differs.

Peels, for example, use chemical compounds to dissolve the material that holds skin cells together. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation, and The Natural Look uses a suctioning, diamond-tipped wand that acts like ultra fine sandpaper to remove dead skin cells and give you a fresh, new look.

Microdermabrasion generates instant glow

Skin appears brighter, clearer, smoother and softer after microdermabrasion. Clients say the process has little discomfort and downtime and their skin looks fresher and glowing right away.

Although your skin will look and feel great after one treatment, microdermabrasion works best after a series of sessions, often every other week. Check out our five-session package discount.

Keeping your skin free of dead skin cells keeps it healthy. For minor skin imperfections – fine lines, enlarged pores, sun spots and mild acne scarring – microdermabrasion is a great option. People whose skin has an allergic reaction to some ingredients found in chemical peels also should consider microdermabrasion.

Regular microdermabrasion boosts product effectiveness

Regular exfoliation has immediate benefits and also helps serums, creams and other skincare products penetrate more deeply so you get maximum effect from them.

Remember, though, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion are very different treatments. Dermabrasion is more aggressive treatment that requires significant downtime and care after the procedure.

At most, microdermabrasion causes a little stinging and some mild redness, and both will fade within a few hours of the procedure. Microdermabrasion is appropriate for the face, chest, neck, back and hands – depending on each client’s needs – though clients usually want us to focus on the face and neckline area.
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