Permanent Makeup & Cosmetics

Medical Spa and Skincare Services in Nashville, Tennessee


Eyeliner can be placed to enhance the lash line or to create a bold line.

Pricing: Full – $550 | Upper or Lower Only – $350


Small hairlike strokes are used to create the illusion of a full brow.

Pricing: $500


Lipliner can enhance the shape and size of the lips.

Pricing: $550

Lipliner w/Shading

Lipliner with Shading was created to give definition of lipline and to add some color throughout the lips. “Lip Blush”.

Pricing: $750

Full Lipcolor

Full Lipcolor is a lipliner for definition with a solid color throughout the lips.

Pricing: $900

Lash Tinting

Lashes are carefully colored to make them appear fuller.

Pricing: $35

Brow Tinting

Brow Tinting is a wonderful semi-permanent solution for enhancing
the brows and covering those grays.

Pricing: $35

Brow Lamination

Lifts and tames unruly hairs in the brow to create a very polished look.

Pricing: $75

Lash & Brow Tinting

Lash and Brow make a great couple. They look amazing together!

Pricing: $50

Areola Restoration

For women who have undergone mastectomies, other breast surgery, or who may have irregular or fading areolas. Our permanent areola repigmentation and nipple restoration techniques employ cosmetically tattooed micropigmentation as a way to restore the natural beauty of your breasts so you can regain confidence in your own femininity.

Pricing: $350 per side