Forever Young BBL -The Fountain of Youth Discovered

Did you know that YOU CAN stop the signs of aging? With Forever Young BBL we can do just that. Based on a ten-year clinical study, the results have been proven. So what is Forever Young BBL?

What is Forever Young BBL?

Forever Young BBL is a treatment utilizing a Broad Band Light source that sends light energy deep into the skin’s tissue to boost your body’s natural ability to fight the aging process.

The treatment utilizes three separate filters on the Broadband light:

  1. one to treat redness
  2. to treat brown spots (or photo-aging)
  3. to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin

The Forever Young BBL works well on almost all skin types and at any age and requires no downtime. Immediately following the procedure, you can reapply makeup and go about your day.

What happens after the first treatment?

After the first treatment, most patients notice:

  • a reduction or lightening in pigmented lesions (brown spots or freckles)
  • reduced redness
  • smaller pores
  • tighter, more firm feeling skin

In most cases, best results are achieved by completing three treatments 4-6 weeks apart, with a follow-up of two treatments per year thereafter.

Results from the clinical study showed that patients looked younger after 10 years of treatments, than before the treatment regimen began.

Forever Young BBL is an investment in your youth and it’s never too young to begin!