Forever Young BBL May Delay Skin Aging

Broadband light technology can do more than treat fine wrinkles, sun spots, facial veins, age spots, acne and other skin imperfections. Pulsed, visible broadband light also has been shown to delay skin aging.

Recent research suggests BBL treatments may have a restorative effect at the genetic level. The study compared Forever Young BBL “treated aged” and “untreated aged” skin with sun damage to younger skin. After three treatments, the makeup of many genes in the skin cells showed changes associated with age delay.

Although the FDA has not cleared Forever Young BBL for changing gene expression or anti-aging in the U.S., the study suggests the treatment has benefits beyond skin repair.

How Does Forever Young BBL Work?

Forever Young BBL is a type of photo rejuvenation therapy. It produces a light within the visible to the infrared spectrum, and providers tailor both wavelength and filters to treat skin conditions caused by sun exposure as well as aging.

BBL delivers light (a form of energy) that gently heats the skin’s upper layers, which then destroys extra pigment (which causes sun spots and age spots) and hemoglobin (a component of red blood cells in veins). BBL treatments cause the skin to repair itself.

Skin looks smoother and more vibrant.

How Many BBL Treatments Does It Take?

We at The Natural Look of Nashville recommend three treatments 4-6 weeks apart, with two follow-up treatments each year after that. Dr. Patrick Bitter, a dermatologist and pioneer in using pulsed light therapy, says ongoing annual BBL treatments can make skin look up to 10 years younger.

“The patients I have treated over the years have aged chronologically; however, their treated skin visibly has not, in respect to their untreated skin, and continues to improve in appearance with continued treatments. I can appreciate a significant and stark contrast between treated and untreated skin areas in the same patient, and it appears that the more often the skin is treated, the younger it looks,” Dr. Bitter told one interviewer.

Dr. Bitter, who is based in California, collaborated with the Stanford University Dermatology Department for the study that looked at BBL’s potential anti-aging benefits. He also is a consultant with Sciton, which manufactures advanced lasers, light sources, filters and related components – including the Forever Young BBL equipment – for medical spas.

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