Chemical Peels: Not just for the Face

A chemical peel is one of the many tools you can use to have healthier skin. When you think of a chemical peel, you may immediately think of the common facial skin procedure. However, there are other skin areas that can benefit from a chemical peel.

Chemical peels for irregular skin discoloration

The back of your arms and hands get the most sun exposure out of any other part of the body. Because of this, these areas show early signs of aging such as irregular skin discoloration. The chest is another area of the body that gets a great deal of sun exposure and can show pigmentation irregularities.

Help decrease the chances of developing skin cancers

While sun damage to facial skin often results in wrinkles, damage to these other “thicker skin” areas may produce additional results. This is because the blood supply to the skin in these two areas is different from the blood supply to the facial skin. Despite the differences in blood supply, the chest and arms respond effectively to chemical peels. The results of this skin procedure can be noticed through younger, smoother looking skin with an even tone. Skin blemishes such as acne scars become less noticeable as the procedure removes dead skin cells through exfoliation revealing a newer, healthier skin layer. Chemical peels also help decrease the chances of developing precancerous actinic keratosis and actual skin cancers.

Understanding how your skin shows signs of environmental damage is essential for knowing how to treat the symptoms. Consulting a skin care professional about any irregularities can help you establish and maintain an effective skin care routine. By regularly addressing signs of aging, you can enjoy healthy, beautiful skin for years to come.

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