Our 3 Go-To’s For Any Spring Event

Weddings, birthdays, prom, Gala’s…you name it! Spring is sure upon us, so what better time to get your face into tip-top shape? Not only do we have multiple options for facials like micros, oxygen, rejuvenating, acne, etc., we also have different series of lasers & fillers that help with brown spots, acne scars, skin aging, tightening & getting rid of wrinkles.

We want to share our 3 go-to’s for any spring event! From a simple porch party to a gorgeous Gala, we make sure we’re always ready–here’s how:

Getting Back To The Basics

We’ve all been there…winter stinks and so does our skincare routine. Getting back on the right track with your skincare routine & maintenance is a must for Spring & Summer! We all know that being outside in the natural sun makes even the tiniest of blackheads known. Making sure you’re using the right products & staying on the right routine is crucial. This includes having a good quality sunscreen (we suggest sunscreen in your moisturizer & makeup just in case). If you don’t have a skincare routine, then we’ll get you taken care of just in time for your event. We have different lines & products depending on your skin type and what your looking to achieve over time with your skin. Once you’ve gotten back to the basics, your skin is ready for the fun stuff!

Exfoliate & Hydrate

For best results along with your skincare routine, we always suggest getting a Chemical Peel and/or an Oxygen Facial before a specific event. If you can do both, even better (this takes a little more time & prep). If you have a couple weeks before your party or event, we would first recommend a certain Peel (catered specifically to your skin type). Since a Peel tends to make most people’s skin flake off, we try to do this 10-14 days out. Once the skin has finished turning, usually 4-6 days after peel, we would go on to our customer favorite–the Intraceutical’s Oxygen Facial. Our oxygen machine is perfect for hydrating the skin, while adding volume to the skin in order to achieve that plump, dewy look.

*This has been a red carpet go-to lately for stars like Jessica Biel, Madonna, Kim K, Channing Tatum, etc…

Tone & Tighten

Last, but not least, we want get rid of those stubborn wrinkles! Toned & tight skin is always in, so we offer multiple services to meet the needs and goals of each of our clients. Since everyone’s skin & skin goals are different, we like to go over the various options and prices beforehand. At this point, we go with 1 of these 3 services:

  1. Botox- temporarily improves the appearance of fine lines in the forehead, between eyebrows, & around the eyes.
  2. Filler- restores youthfulness to the skin. Adding volume intra-dermally provides immediate, long-lasting correction for fine lines, wrinkles & loss of elasticity. These are used around the nose, mouth, lip & cheek areas.
  3. Laser Treatment- specific laser treatments allows us to precisely treat age & sun spots, small facial veins, acne, & many other skin conditions.

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