Fillers for Under Eye Hollows

Under eye hollows usually become noticeable in women around their 30’s. However, hollows may be seen earlier if you smoke or had a lot of sun exposure when you were young. To many women, it is a constant battle to try to cover them up in order to mask the look of being tired all the time.

Why Do Hollows Occur?

“The fat pads that line this area drop and begin to leave the area with a hollow look. In women, there is a loss of bone that leaves the region with less support and the area also loses some of the elastin and collagen support in the mid-dermis so it starts to sag,” (West Palm Beach, FL Dermatologist – Kenneth Beer, MD). Beer goes on to say that almost everyone will have some hollowing going on by the time we hit our 40’s…YIKES!

What Filler Do We Suggest

For under eye hollows or “sagging”, we suggest Restylane. Restylane is a safe and natural dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid that restores fullness to the skin. It is all-natural, therefore no spot tests are needed. Results last six to nine months (depending on your lifestyle and age).

Price of Filler

We price our fillers per mL. Restylane is $550.00 per mL. We offer complimentary consultations before-hand!

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