3 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy During the Holidays

Diets, exercise, staying healthy and pretty any type of routine all go out the window around the Holidays. While it may not seem to bother us as we’re stuffing our faces (literally) with all the home cooked meals, desserts and cocktails, and traveling to visit family, it takes a toll on our skin in ways we don’t even realize. We want to give you 3 tips to keep your skin healthy during the Holidays.

Maintain Your Skincare Routine

Maintaining your skincare routine is so important especially if you’re traveling. At the time, just using whatever soap the Hotel offers seems to be the way to go because it’s simple, quick & technically it’s vacation! This is a big no-no! Wherever you’re traveling to this Holiday season, being aware of the different climate can be important so that your skin doesn’t freak out all of a sudden. Different climates can make our skin more dry, oily or even in panic mode if there is stress from traveling involved. Maintaining your routine will keep your skin calm and on track so that whatever may come up will be easier to deal with. Having a good moisturizer (with SPF), Vitamin C, & face mask handy while traveling is always a plus!

Be Aware of What You’re Consuming

It would be absolutely miserable to try and stick to your diet during the Holidays! And then there’s always the one family member there to make sure you get a piece of everything…we understand! If we could tell you to be aware of just one thing, it would be your sugar intake. Minimizing the consumption of sugar over anything else is a must, not only for the skin, but for bloating, fatigue & stress as well. Too much sugar can cause your skin to look puffy and also make you dehydrated. When the skin is dehydrated, it gets dry and tends to freak out on us. So, eat up on Thanksgiving and Christmas; just be aware of what is going into your body and drink lots of water.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is easier said than done. When thinking about the Holidays, we think of what all has to get done instead of what all needs to be maintained on a personal, skincare level. Making sure you’re prepared for the Holidays–have all of your products needed for travel and for when stores will be closed, so that you don’t have to “make do” when you run out of your routine products.

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