10 Tips Under 10 Minutes to Keep Your Skin Clear and Healthy

We all know the saying, “Less is more”. Well, keeping your skin healthy on a day-to-day basis will actually save you LESS hassle in the long run. Who doesn’t have 5-10 minutes during the day to prevent hours of dreaded treatments later on? Here are 10 tips that will take you maybe 10 minutes to do in order to keep your skin clear and healthy:

1. Wear Sunscreen

Whether it’s in your makeup or you have to apply it; always, always wear sunscreen! We’re all aware of how the sun (and/or tanning bed) make us look and feel–“When I tan, my acne goes away because it dries up my skin”, “When I’m tan, I feel skinnier”, “Everything looks better when you’re tan”. No one can argue with any of those statements and its all true….for the time being. In the long run, (we promise) you will look and feel worse about your skin. Age spots, dark & light spots, sun damage, scarring, melanoma and yes, even acne all come from too much UV ray exposure. We aren’t telling you to hide in a cave and never go outside–we’re simply saying that less is more. Have fun in the sun, just wear sunscreen and be aware of the long term affects that the sun has on your skin.

2. Always Wash Your Face

There skincare products out there better than others (which varies from person to person), but no matter what you’re washing your face with, just do it. It’s as simple as that! There is makeup, like our Glo Minerals line, that are actually skin perfecting, so you can get by with the occasional, “I fell asleep in my makeup” oops. Washing your face should still be a must no matter what you have on your skin throughout the day. Your pores get clogged with dirt, oil, dust & makeup, so washing your face is always necessary even if you’re just wearing a tinted moisturizer during the day. And what’s better than going to sleep at night with a fresh, clean face?

3. Keep Your Pillow Case Clean

If you’ve never thought about this before, then think; how much dirt, oil, makeup, hair product & grime do you think are on your pillow case at this very moment?

According to Dr. David E. Bank, director and founder of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, “Acne Mechanica is any type of acne that is the result of material or objects touching your face. When your pillowcase is not laundered or changed regularly, a build up of dirt and oil from the environment as well as your skin and hair touching the pillow is transferred back to your skin. This can clog pores and cause blemishes.”

We suggest washing or changing out your pillow case every 2-3 days. OR lay a clean towel down at night to block the dirt from getting to your pretty skin.

4. Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face

Any way to keep oil from getting into the pores on your face is a must! The longer and more hair you have, the more it’s going to fall in your face, (unless, of course, you wear it pulled back every day). So, for those of us who like to wear our hair long and lusciously around our face, at least keep it from touching your actual skin as much as possible so oil production doesn’t occur throughout the day.

5. Cut Back on Your Moisturizer

Many of us don’t realize that our skin produces natural oils in order to keep our skin moisturized. (Like a snake), we need to produce new skin cells and get rid of the old, dead skin.

6. Change Out Your Makeup Brushes

Even if your skin is “clean,” your makeup brushes are still collecting oil, dust, dead skin, and fallout from greasy hair products you spray around your mirror. The build up of all of this can cause your pores to clog, resulting in acne. We suggest cleaning your brushes with an (oil free) makeup remover wipe after every use. Then, for a further clean, soak brushes with anti-bacterial soap and let air dry on a clean towel–we suggest doing this every 1-2 weeks.

7. Buy Good Skincare Products & Makeup

Just like shopping for clothes, sometimes all we need is a nice expensive pair of ____ that will last forever! Our skin also has needs. Buying good smelling face wash and cheap makeup from Walgreens sometimes just doesn’t cut it. We aren’t saying to never buy products from there; we’re simply saying that you need to know what your skin likes and doesn’t like. No convenient store is going to have pure makeup that is skin perfecting, so its going to clog your pores.

“When I received my first peel from the natural look, Christine automatically knew that my skin was oily and hormonal without even having to dissect and touch my skin. At that point, I entrusted my skin into her hands. She told me the products and makeup she herself would use in order to get my skin looking great again (with no pressure what-so-ever).”

8. Drink LOTS of Water

Water is your skin’s best friend…now repeat that ten times!  The skin is the last organ to receive the nutrients we consume, which means it’s the last to get the water you sip. When skin is dehydrated, it creates more oil to make up for the missing water. This can cause breakouts, irritation and dry patches. Skin can even feel oily and dry at the same time. (source)

9. Be Aware of What You’re Body Is Consuming

As mentioned above, the skin is the last organ to receive the nutrients we consume.  The bottom line is that whatever’s going on inside your gut will eventually show in your skin.”

The 3 things we suggest you watch are:

  1. Alcohol intake- dehydrates the skin
  2. Sugar intake- gets into your bloodstream, making your insulin levels spike, which can aggravate acne, wrinkles and rashes
  3. Dairy intake- the hormone levels in milk may play a role in excess sebum production, which promotes acne. (try goat milk, unsweetened almond milk, or goat cheese instead)

10. Don’t Stress

Not stressing out is easier said than done. Stress causes more damage to our bodies than we think. When you’re tense, your body releases stress hormones including cortisol, which may increase the skin’s oil production, making you prone to pimples. Some things we suggest to avoid stress:

  1. Exercise- exercising releases endorphins that boost your mood and make you feel good, while also serving as a valuable distraction to your daily worries.
  2. Healthier Eating- Well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress.
  3. Get Enough Sleep- Adequate sleep fuels your mind, as well as your body. Feeling tired will increase your stress because it may cause you to think irrationally.

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